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Preschool Gymnastics Classes

preschool3All of our classes start with approximately 8 minutes of warm-ups. Stretching promotes a healthy life style and is occasionally done in the middle or at the end of the workout. Classes sometimes finish with 2 to 3 minutes of fun time in the foam pits, swing, trampolines, zip line, or with the parachute. Most classes usually cover 3 events. Our coaches continually strive to bring fun and excitement to each class by introducing new skills, and practice drills.

We believe each student should be praised for their individual accomplishments and abilities, not compared to other students. We want children to achieve their personal best in our classes. Our classes are fun and fast paced. We expect students to walk away with a sense of good self-esteem and having been physically challenged in our classes. Students progress at different rates in gymnastics; students may sometimes remain at the same level for 1 or more years. This does not mean they are not learning and progressing. Gymnastics is a difficult sport and pushing students into levels and skills they are not ready for may cause them unnecessary harm physically and emotionally. Students wishing to move up may want to consider taking two classes per week. Your child’s coach will notify you when your child is ready for the next level. Please feel free to inquire about your child’s progress with the teacher or club director.

parentTotParent/Tot (45-minute class)
18 months – 3 1/2 years
Children at this age are acquiring new skills at a phenomenal rate. This class widens their understanding of their own bodies by exploring and mastering developmentally appropriate skills in a fun, safe and stimulating environment. Often this is the child’s first introduction to group structure and being around other children. A coach will guide the parents and children through various circuits that will begin to develop the basics for gymnastics. Parents are actively involved with their children while they explore the equipment. Through the use of our gymnastics equipment and various preschool teaching aids we help your child develop strength, perceptual and gross motor development, directionality, following sequences & directions, body awareness and coordination skills. Students will develop listening skills, learn how to “take turns” with other students, and get comfortable with our instructors. We have a variety of preschool size gymnastics equipment including: rings, uneven bars, parallel bars, single bars, vault, beam, in-ground trampolines, incline mats, and much more. Children will be learning cartwheels, hand stands, somersaults, and a variety of others skills at this level. So come follow our colorful obstacle courses to fun and fitness.

Top 3 Goals: Learn how to take turns, become comfortable with various positions like upside down and hanging on bars, and learn cartwheel.

It’s important to remember that children learn at different speeds and in their own time. Give positive reinforcement throughout the class by encouraging your child by saying “good try” and “you almost did it”! Do not hesitate to ask the instructor for help or support. The gym can be like a big candy store. It’s normal for children to want to roam around and get use to the atmosphere before being able to focus on the program. It may take several times before your child feels comfortable to attempt the different skills set up or s/he may participate immediately. Remember each child develops and learns at his/her own rate.

The basic physical and thinking skills that gymnastics and motor development involve, promote not only strength, flexibility, co-ordination, and agility, but also develop important thought-processes and perceptual patterns that will be very important in your child’s other intellectual/physical pursuits that are necessary in both school and other sports.

Following sequences, directions and directionality are brand new concepts for three year olds and can be very difficult skills to learn. We do not expect the children to understand these concepts automatically, and it may take a few or even many sessions before it all comes together. Three year olds tend to be easily distracted and do not always follow direction or pay attention. They will learn progressively to become more focused and disciplined. We expect that they will continually do more, but that progress takes time since almost EVERYTHING they are learning is new. Consistency and repetition are the keys to learning and the children who continue in our program are shining examples of this!

It’s our philosophy to encourage children to try every skill (or at least part of it) once. Some children are fearful of heights or going upside down and we try to make each skill (or event) exciting and challenging, but work at a pace that is comfortable.


Preschool (45-minute class, Ratio 7 students – 1 coach)
3 1/2-5 years
This class is designed for children who are ready to separate from their parents and enjoy the independence of learning gymnastics skills under the direction of a coach. We have specially designed equipment for your child’s smaller body. Obstacle courses are used to teach basic skills, to allow experimentation with new found capabilities and help build the coordination necessary for future physical and academic success. This introductory level class focuses on large motor skills, coordination, listening skills, and learning basic gymnastics skills like logs rolls, forward rolls, cartwheels, as well as familiarization with all gymnastics equipment.

Top 3 Goals: Learn how to follow directions, learn cartwheel from start to finish, and learn pull over on bars.


musclePose2Hot Shots (1 hour class, Ratio 8 students – 1 coach)
4-5 years
This class is designed for girls ages 4 and 5 who demonstrate exceptional strength, coordination and flexibility. Children who have participated in our preschool program for 1 or more years should consider this option. Admission into this class will be by permission or recommendation by an instructor.

Top 3 Goals: Develop upper body strength, clean form on skills like cartwheel (hollow body, head in, etc.), and learn bridge kick over on wedge mat.


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