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Dance Classes

Ballet; Jazz; Hip Hop; Performance Groups; Combination Dance/Gymnastics Classes & More

General Classes:


  • Combination class that works on the basics of ballet and gymnastics
  • May participate in recitals

Stretching/Strength Class

  • A class designed for dancers to work on strength and flexibility

Acro Skills

  • A mixed level class that works on everything from basic to advanced acro skills
  • Some partner stunt work
  • Strength and flexibility designed for dance students

Advanced and/or Invite-Only:

Ballet II

  • Advanced ballet class for students with prior dance experience
  • Students work on both classical and modern/lyrical styles of ballet
  • Participate in recitals

Adv Bal/Gym

  • Combination class that works on more advanced skills for ballet and gymnastics
  • For students will prior dance experience

Skills Class

  • A class designed to improve dance skills and technique for different styles
  • Focus is on ballet and jazz skills, but may incorporate other styles
  • Primarily for Dnce Team A students; other students will need instructor approval

Performing Groups: Dnce Group A and Dnce Group B

  • Performing teams that participate in a few competitions a year
  • Teams learn a variety of skills including ballet, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, acro, ect.
  • Group A is the older more advanced group (ages 9-12)
  • Group B is the younger more beginner group (ages5-8 )
  • Participate in recitals

Performing Groups:

We are currently mid-season for competitions and will not be taking new students for the team. Please check back in the summer 2018 for more information on performance group audition and enroll in a non-competitive dance class today to get started dancing!

Dance Attire:

For dances classes, students should wear comfortable clothing that is neither too loose nor so tight that it is restrictive of movement. Leotards and either tutus or shorts/leggings are preferred, but not required. If students are in a dance/gymnastics combination class they should not wear footed-tights, as it will be too slippery out in the gym.

Advanced students should wear dance shoes to class that are appropriate for the style of dance they are taking. For beginning level, students may try out the class for one session to see if they like the class first, but after that shoes should be purchased if the students plan on continuing.

Dance Teachers:

manuela Duta

Manuela Duta

Originally from Romania, Ms. Manuela Naydenov has 10 years performing experience as a professional dancer, and 15 years of experience teaching ballet.

Manuela began her classical training at the National Ballet School (Art High School George Enescu-Bucharest/ Choreography Section), studying 9 years of classical ballet. She continued her study with the Romanian Ballet Opera Timisoara from 1991-2001.During her carrier with Opera Romanian Timisoara, she danced in countries such as France, Germany, Switzerland, and Holland and she became experienced with many different dancing styles, most of which included original classical ballet, as well as works by many modern choreographers.

Manuela began teaching ballet in 1995 at her own ballet studio – Timisoara and for the past 10 years, after moving in United States, she has taught classical ballet (upper level) at Naydenov School of Dance. She has passion for teaching dance and is overjoyed to be able to share the gift of movement with others. She feels extremely fortunate for the opportunity to be a part of the Naydenov School of Dance.


shelby christensen

Shelby Christensen

Shelby was born and raised in Vancouver, Washington. She began taking dance classes at Naydenov with Manuela back in 2003. Since then, she has been trained in over ten styles of dance at different studios and has her own event choreography company. She has taken a variety of child psychology classes and has taught in preschools as well as assisted in elementary classrooms. In 2009 she began coaching at Naydenov and currently teaches a variety of ages and skill levels for both dance and gymnastics.  She enjoys being able to pass on her love for dance and gymnastics to her many students. She hopes to inspire her students to do their best inside and outside of her classes. In 2015, Shelby graduated from Portland State University with high honors. Her bachelor’s degree is in Applied Linguistics with a minor in Spanish. She is bilingual in English/Spanish.



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