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Dance Classes-Boys & Girls-All Ages

Ballet; Tap; Jazz; Hip Hop; Performance Groups; Combination Dance/Gymnastics Classes & More


Dance Attire:

  • Ballet:  Leotard and tights. Pink ballet shoes.
  • GIRLS Jazz and Pre-Dance:   Leotard or trunks and close fitting shirt, tights, black canvas or leather jazz shoes.
  • GIRLS Tap:     Leotard or trunks and close fitting shirt, tights, tap shoes.

(Age 3-11 wear black flat tap shoes.)

(Age 12 and up check with instructor for color and type of tap shoe.)

  • BOYS Jazz and Pre-Dance:     Close fitting T-shirt, close fitting jazz pants, black leather jazz shoes.
  • BOYS Tap:     Close fitting T-shirt, close fitting jazz pants, black tap shoes.
  • Tumbling – Girls and Boys:    Close fitting clothes, stretch shorts, pants or leotards.

Please do not wear loose fitting T-shirts.


Workshops and Summer classes:

During the summer we offer special one week workshops from 12:00pm to 3:00pm. Classes include Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Cheerleading, Tumbling, Acrobatic Dance, Voice lessons, Street Dance and Drama.

Summer classes start two weeks after the Fourth of July and are on Mondays and Tuesdays for four weeks. We usually perform at the Clark Country Fair.



There will be a $25.00 Recital Fee due in October for each student in which 5 tickets will be given out in June. You will be notified about dates and times. Other ticket sales will be at the door the night of the performance at a higher rate.


manuela DutaManuela Duta

Originally from Romania, Ms. Manuela Naydenov has 10 years performing experience as a professional dancer, and 15 years of experience teaching ballet.

Manuela began her classical training at the National Ballet School (Art High School George Enescu-Bucharest/ Choreography Section), studying 9 years of classical ballet. She continued her study with the Romanian Ballet Opera Timisoara from 1991-2001.During her carrier with Opera Romanian Timisoara, she danced in countries such as France, Germany, Switzerland, and Holland and she became experienced with many different dancing styles, most of which included original classical ballet, as well as works by many modern choreographers.


Manuela began teaching ballet in 1995 at her own ballet studio – Timisoara and for the past 10 years, after moving in United States, she has taught classical ballet (upper level) at Naydenov School of Dance. She has passion for teaching dance and is overjoyed to be able to share the gift of movement with others. She feels extremely fortunate for the opportunity to be a part of the Naydenov School of Dance.



shelby christensenShelby Christensen

Shelby started at Naydenov Gymnastics as a pupil in Yauna’s dance classes back in 2007. She has taught a variety of dance and gymnastics classes at Naydenov Gymnastics since 2009.


Naydenov Also Offers Advanced Dance “Performance Group” Option.

Performance Group:

Children and teens auditioning for these groups must take a minimum of two jazz performing group classes per week, plus ballet. Acrobatic performing group is twice a week, plus you need to take a jazz class. Students interested in performing groups must call Yauna Smith.

What is performing Group class “P.G.”:

  1. An accelerated class that does competitions (3 or 4 per year)
  2. We take a Summer trip to either perform or compete. Some of the trips have been to Disneyland, Las Vegas and on the Royal Caribbean Cruise to Mexico. Perform around the community.
  3. Students & parents must be very dedicated as the routines are very complicated (stunts & formations) and must sign a contract stating you will stay with the performing group for one year.
  4. The Elite P.G. is for the most advanced students in there teens to 20 years.

Jazz Performing Group Must take Ballet!

Acrobatic Dance Performing Group Must take Jazz or P.G. Jazz!


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