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Naydenov Preschool Education

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Tu & Th 9:15-11:45 Ages 3-4 $150 / month (Need to be 3 by Aug 31st, Must be Potty Trained!)

M, W & F 9:15-11:45 Ages 4-5 $195 / month (Need to be 4 by Aug 31st, Must be Potty Trained!)

Tu, W & Th 12:15-2:45 Ages 4-5 $195/ month (Need to be 4 by Aug 31st, Must be Potty Trained!)



Call to Schedule a visit – 360-944-4444

Tuition prorate

December 2017 prorated 50% off

April 2018 prorated 25% off

June 2018 prorated 50% off

Additional Fees

Annual Supplies and Registration Fee- $75



Students currently enrolled have priority for fall classes.

Open registration to fill remaining slots begins first week in April.



By: Leilani C.
On: Yellow Pages, 03/30/2016
Comment: We love the Naydenov Preschool! We have been so impressed with the teachers and the environment at Naydenov Preschool, our son looks forward to school asking every day if he gets to go and he has learned so much this past year. When he started he didn’t have too much interest in learning the alphabet or even the alphabet song (he’s a numbers guy!) And now he’s writing his name! He’s learned so much more than I would’ve ever imagined in his first year of preschool… Miss Ruth & Miss Heather are absolutely amazing teachers! We are so pleased with our experience here!

Who we are

The preschool learning center is located inside Naydenov Gymnastics upstairs near the parent viewing area. Our 30,000 square foot building gives us endless space with unique, fun equipment.

Heather Rau started as a teacher with Naydenov Learning Center in 2003 and in addition has 7 years of daycare experience.

Ruth Castro started as a teacher with Naydenov Learning Center in 2003 and has 20 years experience teaching and working with youth. Ruth has also worked at all levels in the Vancouver school district.


We Believe…

Children’s play is their work. We give enriching play that creates curiosity for learning that never ends and smiles abound.

Art is an experience, not a look-alike craft. We supply the materials; the children create the masterpieces.

Independence is a part of growing up and cooperation is part of growing together.

Discipline is a loving, consistent, structured environment where respect and kindness for our friends and us is a top priority.


Our daily schedule

SCHOOL TIME * Opportunities to build with blocks, create cities for little people, race cars, read under the loft, do a puzzle, play a game, squish play-dough and interact with other children while making friends.

CLEAN UP * Everyone cleans together and prepares for the next activity.

CIRCLE TIME * During circle time we discuss the calendar which includes the months of the year, days of the week and counting. We go over the weather, sing the alphabet, learn the letter sounds and practice counting. This is also a special time to sing songs, listen to a story, or discuss the theme presented in the class for that day.


TABLE TIME * This time is for projects and writing. The three’s turning four focus on coloring, pasting and following directions. The four’s turning five work on writing the ABC’s and learning to write their name. We focus on the d’nealian style of writing working on upper case and lower case letters. Later in the year we practice writing numbers.


GYM TIME * A chance to play cooperative games, learn motor skills, flexibility, and gymnastics skills while using the gymnastics equipment, such as… an obstacle course, in-ground trampoline, trapeze, balance beams, bars, foam-filled pit, parachute, and a rope swings.





BATHROOM TIME * Children learn the importance of self-hygiene and independent dressing skills, such as putting on socks and shoes.


SNACK TIME * Snack is provided. Snack usually consist of a rotation of ritz crackers, cheez-its, graham crackers, goldfish and fruit snacks. A small cup of apple juice is also served with snack each day. Birthday treats are welcome. If your child has a food allergy we may ask you to provide their daily snack.





The 3 turning 4’s have a 1:5 ratio and the 4’s turning 5 have a 1:6 ratio

We keep a consistent schedule daily with our preschool classes. Keeping a consistence schedule with the children helps them to stay focused and to know what to expect. Below is a description of what our day is like for each class.


The three year olds come into class and start off their day with free play for the first 35 minutes, then its time to clean up for circle time. After about 20 minutes of circle time we split the class into two groups. Half the class goes down to the gym for gym time while the other group stays upstairs for table time and snack. This takes about 35 minutes then the groups switch. At 11:35 we all meet for a final circle time where we will talk about our day and sing some songs.

The four year olds come in and find their carpet squares. The older kids off with circle time. When we are done, which takes about 40 minutes we split the kids into two groups. One group will go down to the gym while the other stays upstairs for table time, free play and snack. This is about a 45 minute transition time. The last 15 minutes of class we finish up with circle time to discuss our day.







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