Currently we are not hiring for our maintenance, office, preschool education, or martial arts staff.

If you have experience in teaching dance or gymnastics please feel free to leave a resume with the office or call Kevin at 360-944-4444.

Naydenov Gymnastics does offer a free training program for enthusiastic people wanting to learn how to teach gymnastics. There is no guarantee of employment at the end of the training. You will need to be able to pass a criminal background check, provide a resume with references, and photo ID. If you are in need of immediate employment, then this training program is not for you. The training program requires you to dress sporty and volunteer your time by following gymnastics classes around the gym and providing some assistance. The length of the training depends on several factors like how many hours a week you come in for training, your personality, your previous gymnastics experience, your level of professionalism, etc. For more information please contact Kevin at 360-944-4444.