Business Partners

Business Partners

“Our Business Partners are Supporting Naydenov…
Please Support Them Back”

Business Partner 1 year contract cost $300 and includes:

  1. Up to 3’ x 6’ advertising space in the gym with one of your banners.IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR OWN BANNER PLEASE CONTACT: Terry Huey Signs.  They will print a 3 X 5 full digital color banner with grommets for approximately $45.00 plus $14.00 shipping.  They accept .pdf, .jpg formats for uploaded files and they will be happy to mail the banner directly to us.
  2. Placement of brochures at our front desk area.
  3. Business partners are invited to share our class coupons with their customers. These coupons are deemed a great value in the local community.
  4. Business partner’s logo and web page links are listed on the bottom of our home and business partner web pages.

We want to build a strong relationship with our business partners, so please share any input on how we can help our community and grow our businesses.

Naydenov Gymnastics provides a wealth of services to the Vancouver and Portland community including but not limited to: Classes for preschool education, Entertainment for teens every Friday Night, Child watch every Saturday Night, Classes for Special Abilities, Naydenov Provides inclusion help at no additional cost for disabled students in all of our programs, partnership with the Vancouver High Schools, and Naydenov Gymnastics offers the lowest gymnastics tuition rates in the country along with a variety of other community services and donations to local non-profit groups.

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